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>All of this cesium stuff originates from Hellfried E. Sartori.

I doubt it. I think that the originator was Aubrey Keith Brewer, who died in 1986. See

Brewer Science Library--Brewer Articles


The High pH Therapy for Cancer
Tests on Mice and Humans
(Reprinted from Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior, v. 21, Suppl., 1)

I found the following references:

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         -Matti Narkia


Cesium Carbonate

When we first published the Alkalize For Health website in the year 2000, the only cesium nutritional supplement we could find cost a thousand dollars a month and was only available through doctors. Now cesium carbonate and cesium chloride nutritional supplements are readily available over the Internet to anyone at very low cost. We regard this as wonderful progress.

Cesium for cancer pain.

Alternative cancer treatments for pets.



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