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May 21, 2009 NA (Network America) e-wire

Nuts and Bolts of Running for Precinct

Tonight we are having our third monthly Precinct Strategy meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What we have been teaching the last few months is now up at - in the video "The Strangest Political Secret."

Until we get the Precinct Social Networking site up, it will be difficult for those in each county who don't yet know each other - to find each other. Please consider becoming one of our 1500 $100 donors - you can do it all at once, or in monthly increments at under the video.

Thanks to the 15 who have responded to far. Another 135 coming aboard quickly would allow us for sure to get the website up in the next month.

On the action level - there is no more important project in the USA between now and 2012.

Now here are your basic steps to get involved in your own precinct and county:

1. If you are just running yourself for now, call the equivalent of your Board of Elections - and give them your address, and ask them what precinct you are in.

2. If you are going to organize your county with many other concerned citizens, contact your county's Board of Elections, Election Supervisor, or the equivalent - and get the "Precinct Finder".

3. The Precinct Finder is a book that usually costs about $10 and has every street in the county listed - and what precinct each street is in.

4. For now, until we get the website up, you can form a meetup group, or an email list, and have everybody interested in your county join that meetup group, or email list.

5. If you want to see who the precinct executives are in your county, you can look on your county's website, or buy the book of the last election results, -- usually also inexpensive, like $10. Here you will see each precinct in your county, whether anybody ran in that precinct (remember, one out of three precincts are vacant in each major Party - no one runs!), and IF anybody ran - what vote count they got. If there was a contest between two or more people, then you will see each person listed in that part
y in that precinct - how many votes each got, and who won.

6. Be advised that some precinct people may have been appointed by the Party Chairman into vacant precincts since the last election - and they will not show up in the last election results book, of course.

7. If you want to become a stealth candidate, call the party headquarters of your choice, ask if there is anyone in your precinct, -- and if there is not - -then volunteer and you may get appointed. (Do not violate your conscience and help candidates who are not upholding good principles. Tell the party leaders that when they nominate good candidates you will support them, but if they nominate bad candidates you will not - if the party leaders force the subject. Also, do not let them waste your time. You ar
e there to run and win in 2010, and go to the county meeting and observe, or vote for a good candidate if there is one. You can help pass out literature for candidates you support - but only if you wish to do so. IT IS NOT REQUIRED, as they are zero legal requirements for the precinct position.

8. When it comes time to run next year, you will need to know the rules to qualify for the ballot. In Ohio, it is five valid signatures of voters from your precinct in your party, or who are independent voters in your precinct. Check the rules in your state. You can buy a list of the registered voters in your precinct, and their party affiliation, if any - for about $2. That way you know who is eligible to sign for you. OR, you can register non-registered voters who will all initially be independents (at le
ast that's the way it is in Ohio) and turn in their voter registration cards with your petition - and then you KNOW all your signatures are valid.

9. When you qualify for the ballot, you will then appear on the ballot for your party for the spring primary in 2010.

10. If you win, you go to that county party meeting and vote - if you lose, you can still attend the meeting - and we highly recommend it.

11. If constitutionalists are organizing in your county, you have to gage if your group is strong enough to put up a candidate for Party Chairman, assuming your county party chairman is objectionable (which is the case in almost all counties for all Democratic and Republican Party County Chairman, unfortunately).

Please go to and see the Strangest Political Secret Video - spread the word - and donate if you can.

Also consider joining our national precinct strategy meetup group at

End of this Network America Ewire.

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America e-wire service

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything."
Attributed to Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin

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