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Quackbusters Accused of "Racketeering" (RICO) in Colorado...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Thursday, August 12th, 2004


It happened today.

Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, his dubious website "quackwatch.com,"  Bobbie Baratz, the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and a big chunk of the organized quackbuster conspiracy got themselves sued, in Colorado, for "were and are each employed or associated with an enterprise, and participated and participates in the conduct of the enterprise affairs through a pattern of  racketeering activity in violation of 18 USAC1962(c) and C.R.S. 18-17-104(3).  Said pattern of activity included and includes, but was and is not limited to, the preparation, publication, dissemination and transmittal of information by US Mail and by wire through internet websites by wire and other media which falsely represented the Plaintiff's product and technology, constituting a violation of 18 USC 1341, 1343, 1347 and 1349, and CRS 18-17-103(5)(a)..."

There IS a God...

According to the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs, CAVITAT Medical Technologies, Inc, and Robert J. Jones are suing the Defendants, Aetna, Quackwatch, NCAHF, Barrett, Baratz, Dodes, and Schissell on FIVE counts "(1) Publication of an Injurious Falsehood, (2)  Tortious interference with a Prospective Business Advantage, (3) Negligent interference with a Prospective Business Advantage, (4) Interference with contract or prospective Contractual Relation, (5)  Federal and State RICO (18USCA 1961 et seq. and C.R.S. 18-17-104)."

I have a copy of the lawsuit on my desk (12 pages), and I LOVE the way it reads.  I've put a copy on my website.  It's a model, as far as I'm concerned, of the way a hundred other lawsuits should be filed against the quackbusters, all over North America.

Basically, the lawsuit complains that Bob Jones invented a device called CAVITAT which easily finds cavitations in the mouth long before an x-ray can,  got it properly approved by the FDA, started selling it all over North America, only to have the quackbuster scum bad-mouth it.  Aetna Insurance picked up the quackbuster's commentaries and used them to deny claims for it's use and for treatment based upon results of its findings.  The quackbusters that wrote the report (Dodes and Schissell) claim to have a dental clinic in Forest Hills, New York.  They are the mainstay writers for Barrett's dubious "dentalwatch.com" website.  Dodes and Schissell have very questionable credentials. 

Scientist Bernard Windham probably explains best why the quackbusters are so eager to kill CAVITAT for their paymasters.  Windham says "Cavitations are diseased areas in bone under teeth or extracted teeth usually caused by lack of adequate blood supply to the area. Tests by special equipment (Cavitat) found cavitations in over 90% of areas under root canals or extracted wisdom teeth that have been tested, and toxins such as anerobic bacteria and other toxics which significantly inhibit body enzymatic processes in virtually all cavitations. These toxins have been found to have serious systemic health effects in many cases, and significant health problems to be related such as arthritis, MCS, and CFS. These have been found to be factors along with amalgam in serious chronic conditions such as MS, ALS, Alzheimer's, MCS, CFS, etc.. The problem occurs in extractions that are not cleaned out properly after extraction.

Up until now, the quackbusters have been mostly defeated when they attacked one of America's health heroes,  But this case joins the new breed - the offensive against those determined to withhold good health care in favor of the status quo.  As an insider in the North American Health Freedom Movement I can clearly state that there are A LOT of offensive actions planned, or being planned. 

I won't be truly happy until I see, on the nightly TV news, the quackbusters, all of them, taken away in shackles by Federal Marshalls.  I work on that EVERY DAY - and I'm getting closer.

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is about the battle between "Health and Medicine" on Planet Earth. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge of the activities of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters," and that organization's attempts to suppress, and discredit, any, and all health modalities that compete with the allopathic (MD) paradigm for consumer health dollars. The focus of the newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles, politics, and the victories won by members of the "Health Freedom Movement" against the "quackbusters" It details "who the quackbusters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they appear, and how they operate - and how easy it is to beat them..."

For background information on the "Battle between Health and Medicine" go to: http://www.savedrclark.net/by_whom2.htm. A copy of THIS newsletter, and older ones, are viewable at the website http://quackpotwatch.org/index.html.

For EVEN MORE interesting and related articles go to http://bolenreport.com/.


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