A Brief History of the Rife Machine,
Suppression of the Rife Technology




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Formerly found at www.thefinchleyclinic.com. Reprinted with permission

Brief History of the Rife Machine

1888 Birth of Royal Raymond Rife.

1920 Rife finished building his first microscope capable of identifying the live microorganisms by staining light.

1929 Rife finishes building second improved microscope.

1931 44 of Americas most prominent medical authorities acknowledge Raymond Rife with a banquet in his honour entitled "The End To All diseases".

1932 Rife identified the B-X virus, which he claimed, caused cancer.

1933 Rife builds his "Universal microscope" - the most powerful to date.

1934 under the supervision of the University of Southern California, Rife's "frequency instrument" is used on 16 cancer patients. 14 of the 16 were cured in the 90 days that the trial lasted, and the remaining 2 were pronounced cured within 60 days after that.

1935, 1936, and 1937 Follow up clinics repeated and verified the results of the 1934 experiment. Other diseases were also successfully treated.

1938 14 more frequency instruments built (all of which were later dismantled or disappeared).

1939 Rife technology suppressed by the AMA. The press, politicians, researchers and medical doctors intimidated to keep away from using or investigating the technology.

1939-1971 Rife slides into alcoholism and depression.

1944 Millbank Johnson M.D. who led the Rife clinic of 1934 and who had refused to be silenced died from "probable poisoning".

1950's John Crane attempts to revive Rife's work: the technology effective but is suppressed again by 1960. 1961 John Crane sent to prison for 10 years, even though 14 patients testified at his trial that they had been cured of various ailments which had not responded to medical treatment.

1987 Interest revives after the publication of the book "The Cancer Cure that Worked" by Barry Lynes pub. Marcus Books 1987-present A number of companies purport to manufacture "Rife machines", actually Rife-Crane pad type devices

1995 James Bare invents the Rife/Bare machine, bringing the technology closer to the original 1930's "Frequency Instruments".


Suppression of the Rife Technology

Royal Raymond Rife: broken legally, mentally, financially. Slid into alcoholism & depression after 1939 trial. Equipment rendered unusable by components mysteriously "disappearing". Died in ignominy in 1971 from alcohol/valium overdose.

Dr Millbank Johnson: refused to be silenced over success of Rife treatment - died of poisoning in 1944 just as he was planning to call a press conference announcing the spectacular results of the Rife generator.

Dr James Couche: refused to be intimidated, silenced or stop treating using Rife generator - struck off.

Dr Raymond Seidel: published favourable paper on Rife in influential Smithsonian report 1945. Following this he was the victim of an assassination attempt after which he never spoke publicly of Rife again.

Dr's Cooperson & Clayton: Equipment and lab notes confiscated by US government. Both died in 1940 officially from committing suicide. Pathological reports showed they had actually been poisoned

Professor I. Kendall, Professor I. Rosenow (prominent bacteriologists who verified Rife's theories): Accused of being liars and charlatans by their peers

John Crane: (tried to revive Rife's work in the 1950-60's): sentenced to 10 years in prison (and served 3). On release continued his work but was still subjected to harassment, legal threats and obstructionism.

Doctors sympathetic to Rife & Rife/Crane technology: silenced by AMA harassment/intimidation

The AMA: aggressively opposed the technology only after its chairman's attempt to buy the rights to it was rejected (what a coincidence!)


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