Spontaneous Regression of Cancer




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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

"In 1988, Dr. Harold Foster of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, reviewed 200 cases of spontaneous regression from cancer, and found that nearly 90% of these people had made major dietary changes before their dramatic improvement "spontaneously" occurred. Usually, their changes involved switching to a strictly vegetarian diet, and dispensing with white flour, sugar, and overly processed foods. Many of them also used vitamin and mineral supplements, and drank herbal teas." - Robbins, page 283. 

Spontaneous Regression of Cancer

Chapter 12 in the book Cancer and Vitamin C
by Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling

Sometimes a patient suffering from cancer begins, for no obvious reason, to improve. If the manifestations of his disease become less serious for a time he is said to have experienced a spontaneous remission, and if these manifestations disappear he is said to have experienced a spontaneous regression or even  spontaneous cure of the disease. It is likely, of course, that these remissions or regressions are not truly spontaneous, but instead have a cause, which might be the stimulation of the patient's immune system when he contracts an infection, such as erysipelas (Chapter 9), or changes his diet. The number of true spontaneous regressions that have been reported is usually given as 200 or 300 (Everson and Cole, 1966), but the number must in fact be much larger, because such a regression that occurred while the patient was undergoing treatment would be attributed to the treatment. Spontaneous regressions have been observed not only for patients with early malignant lesions but also for those with the most advanced disease.

Evidence about the occurrence of spontaneous regressions combines with other evidence to strengthen the belief that the natural protective mechanisms of the human body operate to overcome many malignant tumors. For example, cervical cytology (the Pap test) indicates that about 15 percent of women have "positive smears" at some time in their lives - that is, cells that show signs of malignancy - but only about 0.37 percent die of cancer of the cervix. This means that cancer of the cervix is a far commoner disease than we usually think it to be, but in 39 cases out of 40 the disease is controlled. Also, in many European hospitals meticulous autopsies are performed without regard to the cause of death, and these autopsies reveal a remarkably high incidence of cancers that were never suspected in life. For some cancers the number of these unrevealed cases is far greater than the number of revealed cases. For example, cancer of the thyroid and cancer of the pancreas are found to be 30 or 40 times as common in autopsy findings as are presented in the doctor's office. Autopsy cancer of the prostate increases steadily with increasing age until after age 75 it is found in every second male, yet only about 2 percent of males die of prostate cancer.

What are these mysterious cancers that turn up in such profusion in the dead but seem to have refrained from causing trouble during life? The tumors are usually small, but when they are looked at through the microscope they are seen to have essentially all the characteristics of a growing invasive cancer. Cancer is therefore far more common than we usually realize, and not such a vicious disease as is commonly thought, except when it gets out of control. The great majority of cancers are held in check by the body; they grow for a while, then regress and disappear, and it is only an occasional one that escapes from control and forms a progressive cancer.

It seems likely that, even in well-established cancers, "spontaneous regression" could be playing a more important part in treatment than we have realized in the past. If a cancer patient is treated and then lives for five years in good health, it is natural to assume that the treatment is responsible for this happy outcome. But this is not necessarily so. Almost every surgeon can remember carrying out resections that, for technical reasons, were less than adequate, and yet being gratified to find that the inadequately treated patient is still alive and in apparent good health many years later. There is increasing awareness that the doctor is not the only factor involved in the treatment situation, and that we have to rely a good deal upon nature to back up our efforts. Thus it is often good surgery to remove the main tumor even when it is known or strongly suspected that spread beyond the field of possible removal has already taken place. We then rely upon the immune system or natural resistance to destroy the remaining malignant cells. This sort of action can be seen quite strikingly in some patients with kidney cancer that has already spread to the lungs. The diseased kidney is removed, and sometimes the lung metastases then wither away and disappear completely. This, it must be stressed, is a very rare occurrence, but the fact that it can occur at all is truly remarkable.

When one talks of spontaneous regressions one usually thinks of the patient with hopelessly advanced disease, who, without any treatment, suddenly starts to get better, and may continue to get better until he is completely well. These near-miracles are extremely rare, but some hundreds of such instances have now been thoroughly documented. Spontaneous regression teaches us that doctors and their treatments are not all-powerful, and that there exists in every one of us a mechanism with the potential to cure cancer, working alongside whatever treatment is adopted. It is regrettable that it is not completely effective in every patient. A goal for cancer research is to find the ways to make this mechanism more effective.


Spontaneous Remission Project - 3,500 documented spontaneous remissions. Find someone with your disease and see how they recovered.

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