Childhood Cancer and Strontium 90




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Hello,  I am a nurse and mother of a child diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 4.  He is now 9 and doing well, thank God. 

In my search for causation, I came upon the Tooth Fairy Project. The Radiation and Public Health Project are collecting baby teeth and measuring for a radionuclide Strontium 90 which is a radioactive substance present in the atmosphere due to above ground nuclear testing and nuclear reactor emissions. Some of the preliminary studies are linking increased Strontium 90 levels and childhood cancers. I have sent my child's teeth to this important study.

The government used to test Strontium 90 during the A-bomb days but no longer. If your child has cancer, you can receive results, but all baby teeth are needed. Strontium 90 is much like calcium and binds to bones and teeth and has a half life of 30+ years continuing to emit radiation although it decays over time.

Please help this important study. The Project would like the government to consider nuclear power plants emissions as reason to renew or revoke licensure. Please check out the site and these hyperlinks. Pass along to anyone interested in keeping our children healthy.  

Thank you, 



The Radiation and Public Health Project (
the site.

Dear Alkalize For Health,

Thank-you for the reply to my post and placing it on your website. I am very interested in the results of this study, so the faster teeth come in, the sooner we will know. I appreciate you putting this up for me and the Project. I hope you have time to check out their site. There is an interesting book by Harvey Wasserman and Norman Solomon called Killing Our Own - America's Disastrous Experience with Atomic Weapons. It is on line and the link is at the bottom. Many leukemias, multiple myelomas and cancers have occurred related to fallout. 

Take care, and thank you again. 


Agnes "KILLING OUR OWN, Chronicling the Disaster of America's Experience with Atomic Radiation, 1945 - 1982.


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