Attack on New York and Washington Predicted in 1999?




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The permanent members of the UN Security Council are responsible for 85% of the world's arms trade, US companies account for over 50%.

Countries bombed by the USA since World War II include:
China 1945-46 Korea 1950-53 China 1950-53 Guatemala 1954 Indonesia 1958 Cuba 1959-60 Guatemala 1960 Congo 1964 Peru 1965
Laos 1964-73 Vietnam 1961-73 Cambodia 1969-70 Guatemala 1967-69 Grenada 1983 Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s Panama 1989 Iraq 1991-01 Sudan 1998 Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999.

 US planes continue to bombard targets in Iraq.

War is good for certain business interests and these business interests seem to control the US government and news media. The United States is the largest arms merchant on the planet. 

Heyam Duhkham Anagatam (Sanskrit} - "Avert the danger that has not yet come".

Rashtriya Kavach (Sanskrit) - "a shield of invincibility" surrounding the nation created through group practice of Yogic Flying.

Tat sannidhau vairatyagah (Sanskrit) - "In the vicinity of the settled mind, hostile tendencies fall away."

"I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend." - Abraham Lincoln
President of the United States of America

  Permanent Peace


What does world peace have to do with cancer and health? Well, anything that helps reduce the exposure of the population to radiation, chemicals, and toxic biological agents is useful to help beat cancer. More importantly, however, the transformation of world consciousness will not only bring world peace, but will also transform the health of the population. This is not idle speculation. There are a number of published peer reviewed scientific studies which show that this new technology of consciousness can directly impact hospital admissions, infectious disease, and other measures of collective health. - Editor, Alkalize For Health


September 12, 2001.

Dear Friend,

Two and a half years ago, after NATO launched full-scale war against Yugoslavia, Maharishi placed a very frank notice in the Wall Street Journal and many other newspapers around the world (April 22, 1999). It warned that this action had very markedly raised the level of fear in the world, and with astonishing and startling accuracy foretold yesterday's tragedy. I quote: "WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YUGOSLAVIA CAN HAPPEN TO ANY NATION AT ANY TIME. Can you imagine if bombs began to fall on Washington, D.C., and to destroy the high-rises of the money markets of New York? Will NATO be able to prevent this? When this happens it will be beyond the power even of the wealthy to save the situation....A new approach to creating peace is urgently needed - one that prevents war. And if such an approach exists it must be tried."

". . . It is possible now to create a powerful influence of coherence inside and outside of any country with a group of experts in the technologies of Natural Law (such as Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying.)"

Best wishes to you


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The following is compiled from reports posted by several individuals who listened to the conference call.

Conference Call by H.E. Dr. Bevan Morris,
Minister of Enlightenment
Global Country of World Peace
Tuesday evening, September 11, 2001

Many of us connected to a conference call with Dr. Bevan Morris, Minister for Enlightenment for the Global Country of World Peace. People were connected by phone from around the country and a thousand people in the Golden Domes at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) at Fairfield, Iowa.

The entire world family is deeply shocked by the events of today. Such an event can happen to any nation at any time.

Terrorists live in such a state of anger that they would happily die for their cause. With terrorism, you don't know where the enemy is. 

Just a few days ago Maharishi had sent Major-General Kulwant Singh, his Minister of Defense in the Global Country of World Peace, a top-ranking former Indian Army General, to Washington, DC, to deliver a message to President Bush - that there is a solution to terrorism through Maharishi Vedic Technologies. This message was sent to all the media in the US. 

General Singh was in Washington, DC and was preparing for a Press Conference when tragedy struck the city and nation.

Major-General Kulwant Singh who was in charge of countering terrorism in India has seen how the whole Indian army was almost powerless against a group of 4000 Tamil terrorists who were ready to die for their cause. 

In India, terrorists were recruited amongst young people coming from poor families. Their families were paid a large amount of money. 

After all these years of trying to contain and eliminate terrorism in India, Major General Singh has come to the conclusion that the only safety is with Maharishi's programs. Only large coherence creating groups can diffuse the high level of stress that gives rise to terrorism and "avert the danger that has not yet come".

Bevan relayed some of the things General Singh told to Maharishi as the events were unfolding yesterday while he sat in the midst of a city in fear.

* No missile defense shield would ever protect the US from terrorism.
* Those who did this were well organized, taking many months to prepare. To him it appeared to be organized on the level of a country rather than some individuals. If it is a country then war may be ahead.
* The US Intelligence was let down due to it's inability to be warned of this attack, which General Singh felt was not a good sign if so many terrorists were involved.
* Usually terrorist are from poor backgrounds, but this attack showed a level of sophistication that the people involved were older with training. 
* Terrorists can wait and plan their attack. Defense forces must exhaust themselves investigating every rumor and cannot afford to ignore any lead.

These were the points he relayed to Maharishi expressing concerns for how deep this problem is and that the future doesn't look good.  The one relief he expressed was that weapons of mass destruction were not used. He stated that when dealing with fanatics, there is very little even a powerful government can do unless we can turn them into friends.

Bevan then said that we all know how Maharishi has been trying to save America for many years. In early 80s, ads were put in large newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times explaining how to create a Rashtriya Kavach, a shield of invincibility through the group practice of Yogic Flying. All the US Presidents since President Reagan have been informed about the technology of consciousness. Even George W. Bush spent a day at Maharishi International University (now called Maharishi University of Management) in 1988 campaigning for his father. He was given a thorough presentation on Maharishi's programs. 

In 1999 there was a very strong ad in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune and other newspapers regarding the bombing of Yugoslavia. The ad said, "WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YUGOSLAVIA CAN HAPPEN TO ANY NATION AT ANY TIME. Can you imagine if bombs began to fall on Washington, D.C., and to destroy the high-rises of the money markets of New York? Will NATO be able to prevent this? When this happens it will be beyond the power even of the wealthy to save the situation....A new approach to creating peace is urgently needed - one that prevents war. And if such an approach exists it must be tried." Maharishi warned. No action was taken. The government has had no ears to hear this message and has become arrogant in its power.

Maharishi has done so much creating the Purusha and Mother Divine program, the large community in Fairfield, IA and encouraging us to do our meditation program together in small groups around the country.

When speaking to Maharishi and telling him what happened, Bevan said that Maharishi just listened and asked a few questions. He was somber and quiet and said...What can be done but to feel sorry. We could have saved it long
ago. He said that you can bring a horse to the tank but they have to drink... and then Bevan said Maharishi's voice trailed off into silence.


What is interesting in the news coverage of the terrorist-caused tragedy in New York City and Washington, D.C. is what the media is NOT covering. Where is the detailed analysis of US government and corporate behavior over the past decades that has CAUSED this terrorist backlash? This is a huge, huge issue that is being completely ignored. Is the United States the innocent victim of terrorists, or is the United States reaping its just reward for past and present misdeeds? The corporate-controlled mass media in the United States leaves the American population blissfully ignorant of the other side of the story.

The Maharishi has for decades been asking the United States to lead the world into peace and has provided the technologies to accomplish this. A great amount of scientific research has been done to establish that the Maharishi's Vedic technologies do indeed have merit and can accomplish what he says. Instead, at every turn the United States has opted for War.

When it is terrorism, we don't know who the enemy is and the only solution is every man must be peaceful in himself.  It is all due to stress...
* stress in the individual brings disease
* stress in a family brings divorce
* stress in a community brings crime
* stress in nations brings terrorism and war.

Only the Vedic technologies have been demonstrated to remove stress at the level of terrorism - war.

"Since war begins in the minds of men, it is indeed in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed." - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

The Rashtriya Kavach (Sanskrit) - "a shield of invincibility" surrounding the nation - is created on the level of consciousness by group practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. The Rashtria Kavach is characterized by coherence. When individuals with disorderly brain functioning enter the Rashtria Kavach, their brain functioning becomes more coherent and the negative or destructive thoughts produced by disorderly brain functioning disappear. Within the Rashtriya Kavach, negative thinking and behavior become impossible and all of life is lifted up to a higher level of creativity and intelligence.

For people concerned about a global recession at this time, it is good to know that the increased creativity and intelligence in the entire population that come with the creation of a Rashtriya Kavach are a non-fiscal, non-monetary way to stimulate economic growth. Ordinarily there is a trade-off between unemployment and inflation. Research indicates that the creation of a Rashtriya Kavach results in lower unemployment and lower inflation at the same time. The Rashtriya Kavach is the only known way to accomplish this.


For scientific research regarding Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Program (which includes Yogic Flying), see:

Researchers call the changes in society caused by the creation of a Rashtriya Kavach to be "The Maharishi Effect".  



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