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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Permanent Peace

Dear Friends,
There is an important new book just out that I wanted to share with you. It is called 
Permanent Peace: How to Stop Terrorism and War, Now and Forever.
It is an extraordinary, timely and compelling new book. You can get a free download of over 30% of the book and a free view of the Core Idea by visiting  .

It is thrilling and inspiring to learn about a practical, proven "technology of peace" that is so easily at hand and so global in influence. I wasn't intending to put the book down yet but decided not to delay telling you about it.

Please forward information about this book to all you know who appreciate the value of individual, local and global security. For more than 25 years I have participated in some of the projects researched, have worked with the researchers, and have seen the results. Even though it is a familiar topic, it is still astonishing to hear some of the dramatic stories and scientific facts presented so vividly and accurately. Below is a small portion of the home page of .

You can also purchase the entire book and 80% of the proceeds go to support world peace. I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying a platform of inner peace on which to build a successful life in a harmonious global family. I also hope you find the book intriguing and enjoyable. Best wishes to all of you.
Philip F. Tomlinson, Jr., Ph.D.
(Thanks to Powell Woods and Jeff for originally sending this message.)

How to Stop Terrorism and War Permanently
Now You Can Take World Peace Into Your Own Hands

Protect your family, Defend your nation, Preserve your world

"This riveting new book reveals a scientifically verified technology of peace that can put an end to violent crime, war and terrorism--now and forever."

Kingsley Brooks, Administrative Director,
The Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy

How would you feel if terrorism and war could be stopped permanently?

What would it mean to you if your children or grandchildren never had to fear terrorist attack? Never had to go to war? Never had to live in this world of violence and counter-violence, of heartless terrorism and brutal retaliation?

You can help make this happen in a systematic, straightforward way much more easily than you can possibly imagine.

Our Institute has engaged Robert Oates to write a new book. We gave him the title, Permanent Peace: How to Stop Terrorism and War Now and Forever. And we told him to cover the most profound scientific discovery we know--a discovery ignored by governments and the media, but repeatedly verified scientifically--the discovery of a technology of peace.

"The research covered in this book is exciting. The underlying conception is non-traditional, but the straight-forward evidence gives the theory credence in my eyes."
Ved Nanda, PhD, director of the International Legal Studies Program
at the University of Denver

If you care about your family's safety. if you care about the defense of your nation and the preservation of your world, this new book has the evidence and ideas that can change your life, and transform humanity's future. And as you can see for yourself, Mr. Oates can make profound, world-changing ideas entertaining and engaging.

What's more, we are making the heart of this book available to you FREE and if you choose to order the full book itself, 80% of your purchase price will be donated to support world peace. Why? Because our goal is to spread this news as fast as possible, with money as no barrier and also to allow people everywhere to contribute to the deliberate creation of a peaceful world. If governments won't act, we want to give you the knowledge and the power to take peace into your own hands.
This book is filled with the scientific evidence and breakthrough concepts that you can use to help establish a permanent state of peace in the world.

What You Need to Know

I think it's fair to say that terrorists wouldn't want you to read this book. Neither would militarists in every major nation. But the time has come for peace-loving people everywhere to find out about this long-lost technology of peace.

In recent years, this ancient "secret" has been hidden right out in the open. Over the last two decades, this new Super Radiance technology has been demonstrated more than 50 times and verified in 19 scientific studies. The key research has been pored over by teams of independent scholars, then accepted for publication in mainstream academic journals.

Yet you have probably never heard of it because the powers-that-be simply can't believe it. The government and the media have brushed it under the rug but now you can find out everything you need to know. Now its possible to switch on peace as simply as we switch on the lights.

"The hypothesis definitely raised some eyebrows among our reviewers. But the evidence was strong. The numbers were there."
Raymond Russ, PhD, editor of the Journal of Mind and Behavior
Professor of Psychology at the University of Maine

The Big Idea
All governments now share a shameful secret. They can no longer protect their own people. Terrorism amounts to unknown people attacking unknown targets with unknown weapons at unknown times. Against this stealth warfare as September 11 made plain even the most powerful military is helpless. Governments can tell their citizens to be brave, to live their lives boldly but in fact they can't keep them safe. Powerful nations can use their weapons to destroy any country they choose. But when it comes to terrorists no nation can defend itself.

Why not? Because all military forces in the world are based on purely objective, physical science. They stock up on weapons made mostly of metal using chemical, electromagnetic and nuclear technologies. But you can't use these gross technologies to attack people you can't find. As a result, the civilians of every nation are left defenseless.

But Super Radiance--the new technology of peace--is not based on the old-style, purely objective and physical science. It is based, instead, on a powerful new combined approach on subjective, consciousness-based technologies (including meditation technologies) that are then verified through standard scientific tests.

     The result is a powerful program that

*     Dissolves terrorism from its very basis
*     Produces dramatic reductions in warfare and war casualties
*     Also cuts crime, traffic accidents and other signs of social disorder
*     Begins to work literally overnight
*     Harms no one and helps everyone 

Claims are easy, of course. But keep reading.

Do You Know the Cause of Terrorism,
or How to Dissolve Terrorism at its Root?

If you donąt, you're not alone. The conventional response to terrorism is to strike back, to kill people. But as the Middle East has made clear for decades, the vengeful killing of terrorists (and innocent civilians) only gives birth to more terrorists.

     Moreover, terrorism and counterattacks against terrorism illustrate the religious truth: As you sow, so shall you reap. In the language of physics: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Once the vicious cycle of terrorism has begun (heartless attacks and vengeful retaliations) killers on all sides will be killed, bombers will be bombed, destroyers will be destroyed.

     But this cycle of violence CAN be broken. When you read Permanent Peace, you'll find the missing answer to terrorism and war in two parts:

1. The overlooked cause: Attacks by individuals and governments do not happen in a vacuum. They have an underlying cause, and that cause is the stress, fear and hostility rampant in the society as a whole. The connection is simple: If stress in the social atmosphere gets too high, violence erupts. The build-up of anxiety and tension, of fear and anger between factions, nations and religions finally breaks out as crime, warfare and terrorism.

2. The missing solution: To dissolve the cycle of violence at its root, dissolve stress in and disorder in the social atmosphere. Super Radiance--the technology of peace--powerfully purifies social stress. That's why it decreases warfare, terrorism, violent crime and other social violence in a dramatic and easily measurable way.

With this profound new approach, you don't have to kill anyone. You donąt even have to know who the enemy is. By dissolving social stress, you dissolve social violence like the sun dissolves morning fog.

How Can You Know This is True?

The same way you know that antibiotics combat disease: Scientific evidence. Repeated, powerful and consistent scientific evidence.

The studies have shown that whenever the peace-creating Super Radiance technology has been applied, violent crime in the surrounding society goes down. Warfare goes down. Terrorism goes down. When the number of people involved in this technology of peace goes up and down over time, crime, warfare and terrorism go up and down in strong (inverse) correlation. Like a light bulb radiates light, people making use of this peace-creating technology of consciousness radiate an easily measurable influence of harmony and peace.

This has been demonstrated nearly 50 times. The most remarkable study, based on Rand Corporation statistics, has shown that during the three largest Super Radiance assemblies ever held in the West--each with more than 7000 people--
terrorism declined worldwide by 72%.

"In the studies I have examined on the impact of [Super Radiance]
I can find no methodological flaws, and the findings have been consistent across a large number of geographical and conflictual situations. As unlikely as the premise may sound, I think we have to take these studies seriously."

Ted Robert Gurr, PhD, Emiritus professor of government and politics
University of Maryland

A Technology of Peace Based on the Total Potential of Natural Law

How good is the research? What can explain such a radiating effect?

You'll find the answers in Permanent Peace. This book is full of new ideas and new evidence (the information you can use to help transform your own life), the recipe to create a permanent state of peace in the world. And you'll find that Robert Oates makes scientific discovery read like a page-turning detective story. He unfolds the most profound understanding of human life and the natural world in a lively and engaging way.

Here are some of the things you will learn

*     The facts (all the details of the scientific research) and why independent scholars find it so convincing.
*     The underlying theory--how coherent brain functioning in a large group of meditation experts radiates coherence into the surrounding society--to dissolve social stress.
*      Why the outmoded ideas of 19th century classical mechanics can't explain this Super Radiance technology.
*      How the latest superunified quantum field theories do explain the mechanics of such a radiating influence.
*      How the intelligence within the human mind can enliven the intelligence at the basis of nature and generate radiating waves through an underlying unified field of consciousness.
*      The master plan to create one permanent super-group of 40,000 Super Radiance experts in a single spot on Earth to radiate an indomitable influence of harmony and peace into the collective consciousness of the entire world and put a permanent end to violence, terrorism and war everywhere on Earth.
*      Finally, you'll get a practical Action plan  (the exact steps you can take to transform your own life) and to help create a permanent state of peace in the world.

"The claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research [on Super Radiance] exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. The research has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution. I think this work, and the theory that informs it, deserves the most serious consideration."
David Edwards, PhD, Professor of government
University of Texas (Austin)

Reading This Book and Create an Invincible Shield of Security

We have entered a new age of terrorist war, where every location in every nation is vulnerable to attack. Your town could be next to get hit  but after you read this book you'll never have to lie awake feeling powerless and defenseless again. You'll know what you have to do, and how you can do it. You'll know how to take the future of your world into your own hands.

Start by learning the secrets in Permanent Peace. Once you have the knowledge, the rest will be obvious. For that, you have three ways to go:

*      Option #1: FREE: The Core Idea. Visit and scroll down to download the eight-page book introduction. You'll get more depth on the ideas discussed here--and a feel for the book's style and tone.
*      Option #2: FREE DOWNLOAD of the mini-book. (350K) Visit to download a concentrated mini-book--a powerful summary of the full book, with key sections of each chapter word-for-word. This mini-book (about 35% of the total) is yours free to download, print, email to your list, or use in any other way you find useful.
*      Option #3: OWN THE PAPERBACK and support world peace. Visit to order the quality paperback edition for $19.95. With ideas so new--and of such worldwide importance--every detail is both fascinating and crucial and 80% of your purchase price will be donated to the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace. The more books you buy and give away now or in the future  (1) the more people you will enlighten and empower and (2) the more money you will donate to create permanent world peace.

"Robert Oatesą new book, Permanent Peace, does a spectacular job
of laying out profound, world-transforming ideas in a lively, easy-to-read way. Once you start reading, it's hard to put down, and I don't think any book has ever discussed a more important topic."

David Orme-Johnson, PhD, author of more than 100 published
research studies on meditation

Act Right Away!
Anthrax is here. Nuclear warheads are missing. Chemical poisons are rife. The faster we act--the faster the word about Permanent Peace gets out--the better our chances of avoiding further disasters. Arm yourself with knowledge today and pass it on as fast as you can! Visit to send an email with a live link to this site to your family, your friends, or your whole list.

We have tried to made it as easy as possible, with (1) a one-click way to spread the knowledge fast, (2) two FREE paths to the knowledge, and (3) a book you can order (with a 30-day money-back guarantee) that puts 80% of your purchase price to work for world peace. To gain (and share) the information that will change your world: Make your choice, and click right now!

The following text comes from the first eight pages of the new book by Robert Oates, Permanent Peace

How to Stop Terrorism and War Permanently

Terrorism CAN be stopped. The civilized world is not defenseless against sociopaths armed with box cutters and postage stamps. Terrorist attacks have been devastating, but they have also served to highlight a profound scientific discovery -- a discovery thoroughly documented in published scientific research, yet previously ignored by government and the media -- the discovery of a technology of peace.

Terrorism amounts to unknown people attacking unknown targets with unknown weapons. Against such stealth warfare, even the strongest nations are defenseless, and their citizens helpless. But the peace technology promises to reverse this weakness. Any nation can now create an invincible defense against both terrorism and conventional attack. And if the politicians won't act, a handful of their citizens can do it for them--taking peace into their own hands.

Knowledge is power, and this book has been written to empower people everywhere, in and out of government, to generate a permanent state of world peace. To that end, every reader is invited to go through this book with a single question in mind: "In light of what I've read, should I support the rapid use of this new peace technology?"

The Limits of Violence

The tragedy of September 11 was a terrifying way to realize that there's a need for a totally new technology of defense. As Americans learned that day to their horror, no traditional means can stop resolute and cunning terrorists willing to sacrifice their lives.

In those awful hours, and in the months of anthrax after, people everywhere have learned that they need a completely new approach to defense -- a preventive technology -- one that can stop an attack before it has even been conceived. Whether the source of terrorism is foreign governments, independent terrorists, or indigenous psychotics, the U.S. people (and all other people) need a systematic technology that will stop them all.

Ignorant of such a technology, America in the fall of 2001 fought back against terrorism in the only way it knew. Wave after wave of unopposed aircrafts dropped countless bombs on what was, for all the hostility and brutality of its recent rulers, a poor and defenseless nation. If these attacks promised to stop terrorism, they might have been sensible. But decades of experience in the Middle East have shown that killing terrorists (and, inevitably, innocent civilians) only creates more terrorists. For years into the future, as the United States government well knows, Islamic fundamentalists will be recruiting young men to a life of terrorism against America with tales of a heartless, faceless, seemingly endless bombing of an entire Islamic nation.

Moreover, the certain terrorist reprisals for this bombing will only embody a central principle of every religion: As you sow, so shall you reap. In the language of physics: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Once the vicious cycle of terrorism has begun--heartless attacks and vengeful retaliations--killers on all sides will be killed, bombers will be bombed, destroyers will be destroyed. It is understandable that Americans and their government, shocked and outraged by the terrorist atrocities, struck back with overwhelming violence. But in a fight against terrorists who can kill millions with a crop duster, and who have demonstrated the patience to wait years for revenge, such attacks are doomed to eventual self-destruction.

A Revolutionary Approach

In the absence of any other proven approach, however, violence can seem the only possibility. Thankfully, repeated research studies have now defined an alternative. They have shown that it is possible, through deliberate intervention, to end the cycle of attack and revenge ­ through completely peaceful means. They have defined a peace technology ­ a systematic procedure that makes it possible to switch on peace as simply as we switch on lights.

But to take advantage of this discovery, the requirement is a revolution in thinking. Until now, all defense technologies have been based on objective, physical science -- on weaponry largely made of metal, using chemical, electronic and nuclear knowledge. But defense based on such purely objective technology has reached a failing point: We can attack anyone, but we cannot defend ourselves.

Fortunately, a new technology has been documented nearly fifty times and confirmed in nineteen published scientific studies. Instead of objective, physical techniques, this approach uses principles that are subjective and consciousness-based ‹including meditation technologies known and perfected over thousands of years in the timeless Vedic tradition of India. 

The Vedic (VAY-dik) explanation, in two parts, can be stated quickly--though it may take the entire book to demonstrate the underlying concepts convincingly: 

1. The cause. In the Vedic understanding, all types of social violence and warfare have an underlying origin, namely: social stress and tension, the fear and hostility between factions, nations, religions, and even competing civilizations. It is societal stress and disorder--the chaos in the collective consciousness of any given nation, and in the world as a whole -- that breaks out as violent crime, warfare and terrorism. 

2. The solution. For many years, based on hundreds of research studies, the medical community has accepted that meditation by an individual can calm down stress, tension and hostility in that individual. More recently, the new studies show that groups of meditators, gathered together with the intent to benefit the society around them, create the same calming effect in the larger community. Repeated tests have shown that large assemblies of experts in the much-researched Transcendental Meditation® program calm down stress, tension and hostility in the collective consciousness of the surrounding society as measured by reduced crime, warfare and terrorism. 

The peace technology, in other words, is "wireless"-- like radio and cell phones -- broadcasting a coherent influence through an invisible field. In place of a broadcasting station, the peace technology makes use of the most richly complex electromagnetic device ever created: the human brain. Just as radio stations radiate music through the underlying electromagnetic field, so research indicates that the minds of people who are expert in meditation, when gathered together to meditate in one location, radiate harmony and peacefulness through an underlying field of consciousness.

The Evidence

It's obvious that such a radically new theory needs strong scientific support before it can be seriously entertained. In this case, as we will see in Chapter Two, often repeated studies have shown that as large assemblies of meditation experts increase in attendance, violent crime, warfare and terrorism all decrease. If attendance at such an assembly goes up and down, the statistics on violence go up and down with strong (inverse) correlation. The most remarkable study, based on Rand Corporation statistics, shows that during the three largest Transcendental Meditation assemblies ever held in the West -- near or exceeding 7,000 people at each assembly -- terrorism declined worldwide by 72%. 

"This is exciting research," says a scholar in peace studies, Professor Ved Nanda, director of the International Legal Studies Program at the University of Denver. "It is a non-traditional conception, but the straightforward evidence gives the theory credence in my eyes."

Says Raymond Russ, professor of psychology at the University of Maine and editor of the Journal of Mind and Behavior, "The hypothesis definitely raised some eyebrows among our reviewers. But the statistical work is sound. The numbers are there."

As with many scientific discoveries, the credit for this one goes largely to a single individual, a man now widely known in the West. Nearly fifty years ago, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi left India to demonstrate to a scientific world that meditation is a scientific reality, with provable benefits for the individual. By 1980, with hundreds of studies on his Transcendental Meditation technique published in academic journals, meditation had made it to the medical mainstream, and millions of dollars in research funds from the National Institutes of Health now support further studies on the TM technique. 

In the last twenty years, moreover, Maharishi has shifted his focus from individual meditation and individual benefits to large-group meditations and society-wide benefits. Itąs true that, in 1960, few people thought meditation a practical tool for healthy and successful life. In the same way, since 1980, few people have thought that large groups of meditation experts can directly create a more peaceful world. But the research is in the journals, and the terrorists are inside our borders. There will never be a better time to catch up with the evidence.

The Contents

To that end, this book will explore the peace technology, both theory and practice. The basic plan of the book is to compare key aspects of the timeless Vedic wisdom with scientific evidence as well as the latest scientific theories.

*      In Chapter One, we will lay out the eyebrow-raising hypothesis in detail.
*      In Chapter Two, we will review the research evidence that supports the hypothesis. Time and again, first-class scientists have devised ingenious scientific studies that have survived highly skeptical, even hostile, reviewers, and achieved publication in mainstream academic journals. The drama of these stories, and the rigor of the studies, amounts in sum to a profound scientific breakthrough.
*      In Chapters Three, Four and Five we will seek to explain the mechanics of the peace technology. How can a group of people sit in one place, eyes closed, and transform the society around them? To seek an answer, we will delve into the Vedic theories as revived in a scientific age by Maharishi--a combination of the timeless Vedic understanding of consciousness, on the one hand, with the latest theories of quantum physics, on the other. From the standpoint of modern society, the result is a completely new understanding of life and the world -- a new paradigm that combines the intelligence displayed in the human mind with the intelligence displayed everywhere in nature. To understand the peace technology, in other words, we must understand the most profound secret of human life ­ the most precious knowledge of seers and sages in every age -- how the human mind can gain direct access to the limitless power of natureąs intelligence. Paradoxically, our urgent need to stop the gross destruction caused by terrorism and warfare drives us to understand the most subtle essence of consciousness and life.
*     In Chapter Six, Maharishi explains the implications of all that has gone before, outlining both the theory and procedures in his own words, and drawing conclusions about what he terms the unlimited possibilities of human life--the possibilities that unfold when the individual grows to full enlightenment, and when large numbers of people evolve toward enlightenment together.
*      Finally, in Action Steps, readers will find practical things they can do themselves to help bring permanent peace to our world. It is no longer necessary for peace-loving people to wring their hands and hope for the best or to wait for governments, peace agencies or the United Nations to act. Even one such person, or a few, or a few thousand, can make it possible for the peace technology to be used on a massive scale, and permanently, to transform the future of the world.

     The new ideas discussed in this book doubtless challenge our preconceptions. But the subject admits of both scientific investigation and systematic intellectual analysis. In a body of thought he calls Vedic ScienceSM, Maharishi has revived ancient understandings in a systematic manner that opens them to objective testing. In Maharishi's words, "We are not groping in the darkness for principles, and we are not at a loss for the procedures." The upshot, in an era of world-wide terrorism, could not be more practical. As Maharishi says, "Now we have it in our power to eliminate terrorism at its basis. It is simply ignorance to believe that by killing a few terrorists, we can put an end to terrorism. What is needed is to remove the root cause of terrorism by creating an indomitable influence of coherence and harmony in the collective consciousness of the entire world."

Anthrax is here. Nuclear warheads are missing. Chemical weapons are rife. Future terrorist attacks could easily be much more devastating -- and the United States government, with all its vast military power, can no longer protect its own citizens. In such a crisis--as it seems to this author--no responsible citizen, what to say the leaders of society, can afford to ignore a possibility so thoroughly verified scientifically. It appears that the only responsible course is to dig deeply into this alternate approach to peace, to ask the hard questions, and to come to an informed conclusion. We need the courage to think new thoughts, and to evaluate them thoroughly. Since terrorism is now a global scourge, and since no other approach stops terrorism -- as experience in the Middle East has shown for decades together -- it is not overly dramatic to say that the future of the world hangs in the balance.

Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy
1000 North 4th Street, Fairfield, IA 52557
Phone: 641-472-1200 Fax: 641-472-1165


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