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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Tat Wale Baba 1, 2

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Permanent Peace

March 8, 2001, New Delhi, India
Opening Remarks

Maharishi is one of the few amongst the yogis of India who have presented the Vedas in their correct version to the world, and in which the person talking is the Veda. Where there was a lot of confusion and various different techniques of meditation and transcending, amongst all those he chose to spread this influence in the easiest method, which benefits people without any entanglements of any sort, and doubts and confusion.

TR: Do the degrees that you offer there, can the people who hold such degrees from M.U.M. practice medicine?

RN: Not yet, they have to consult at this point. They haven't got a license through a medical association. They are now consulting with other doctors.

TR: Right now there is an association between the governments of India and the United States that recognizes this practice and is setting up some Ayurvedic institutes in the United States where people can study Ayur-Veda in the form of medicine and practice it.

In the last year, 14 countries in the world have recognized Ayur-Veda as a system of medicine and treatment, and Russia has just now has given it.

Last year, when the Government of India went, I went along with my son, so that we could have one-to-one talks with the people in the medical organizations of America. The Minister of Health in the Government of India - they have already opened up an institute in New York that has started functioning. In New York, this very old Indian institution by the name of Valkyavidya Hall - they are the people who have already started a hospital that is treating people.

After looking at all of you, I am missing Fairfield and remembering a lot of things from Fairfield. I love the environment of Fairfield, plus The Raj. There is a gentleman named Rogers? His wife [Candace] was here just four days ago.

TR: Does Bevan come sometimes to Fairfield?

RN: He comes now and then, but he mainly stays in North Carolina.

RN: Nina had a question. Can you please answer it?

TR: If it is in connection with Ayur-Veda, then definitely I can answer it.

NM: So recently two of my friends were diagnosed with cancer. They have lived very purely and followed Maharishi's teaching and as far as I know, all of Ayur-Veda. I wondered if you could shed any light on why this is happening?

TR: Were they absolutely sattvic?

NM: As far as I know.

TR: There are more than a hundred types of cancers. What kind of cancer do they have?

NM: Colon cancer.

TR: Has surgery been performed on them?

NM: One has had surgery a few days ago.

TR: Has it started spreading thereafter?

Even if surgery has been performed, even then they should have Ayurvedic medicine, because the Ayurvedic medicine therapy is very good for prevention as far as stopping the cancer.

A lot of patients who have already been operated upon are referred to me. A lot of people live a long, long time if they go on taking Ayurvedic medicine, but to say that cancer is completely curable is still a far-fetched thing. But, yes, prevention is possible, and stopping it from spreading any further is possible.

If a person comes to me in the primary stage of cancer, it is possible to cure it 100%. But in most cases I have observed, people don't even know when the cancer is in the primary stage, and by the time they come to me it is already in the secondary or tertiary stage. Then rooting it out 100% becomes very difficult.

In cancer, the problem with the cancer is that whatever the poisoning that starts taking place in the cell multiplies itself from cell to cell for as long as the cancer lives. So even if a single cell remains it further multiplies.

A lot of medicines have been formulated through the Ayurvedic shastras (which have been given to Maharishi Ayur-Veda products) that are really working a lot of wonders.

RH: What are the main things one could do in one's daily life to actually prevent cancer?

TR: There are basic things to be watched - the diet and behavior. One has to watch both, the diet and the behavior. It's not enough to have a sattvic diet if the behavior is not sattvic. They both have to work in conjunction with each other.

The seed of cancer is not inherited in human beings, but it comes via the diet or the environment. So it is not living inside one's body - it's definitely something that comes from the outside. Also, it is not inherited, otherwise families would have cancer running through them. So it is definitely a very individual thing. I see many families where this disease is not prevalent even in the last five to six generations. There is no question regarding cancer being inherited.

Basically, the main source of cancer is dietary, with all these chemicals going into the body that start a reaction and mutation in the body. I have observed in India and from studies done abroad, more people who are non-vegetarians are prone to the cancer groups.

[Divendraji comes in]

So people who are non-vegetarians are more prone to attract this disease than vegetarians.

DG: Does that mean that the reason why Western doctors think that breast cancer (it's felt that women inherit it from mother to mother and sister to sister) would come up continually because of a behavior patterns in that family?

TR: It is neither an epidemic; neither does it come from the mother and the daughter. It is basically the country and the environment that have given this, which is actually from the behavior patterns. Because there are certain rules that need to be followed with the change of seasons. What kinds of food to eat. People have forgotten this. They eat all kinds of stuff at all kinds of times; not in consonance with the change of seasons. And all these things are because of the general consciousness of the country. So the old things are being forgotten, therefore the incidences have  increased.
The biggest thing I have observed is on the mental level. The people who are sattvic mentally... You can have a sattvic lifestyle, you can have sattvic food habits, but unless you are sattvic mentally (that is the ultimate goal), and people with disturbed mindsets can also have this disease. Not only this but various other problems crop up.

RN: What do you mean by sattvic mentally?

TR: Mind is of three types - sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic. The sattvic mind is the one that remains in bliss and out of confusion most. Vasudaiva kutumbakam, 'the world is my family,' is the basic goal of the sattvic mind

The rajasic mind is the one that is more indulgent in pleasures of keeping oneself more and more happy - trying to attain that level of luxury and physical happiness as far as possible. You live a life less for yourself but more for other aspects. You have to maintain a status in other people's eyes. Whether it is detrimental or not, you don't care.

The tamasic property of the mind is in the people who get happiness from giving pain and injury - the sadistic bent of mind.

TR: You people are fortunate to get a glimpse of what people can attain.

BS: Can you please talk about drinking water? How it affects our health?

TR: Water is basic; this is common sense the one should drink pure, clean water. The cleanest of all water is the water from the rain. This is the water that has gone up from the oceans in the form of clouds, then rains down and makes the earth water (in the form of the ground water). This is the water cycle. The cleanest and purest of water is connected to the rains.

DG: Can you tell us about Kaiya Kalpa?

TR: As far as the present day of Kali Yuga, the Vedas have specified the age of 100 years as the stipulated time period for a man to live.

Very few among millions will cross the mark of hundred years - mostly within the hundred years people will live. Living with all the senses and all the actions for hundred years - to reach that goal of fulfilling one hundred years, Kaiya Kalpa is a practice where a person can attain this.

There are three ways - one is through Yoga, one is through the correct food to eat, one is through living (and of course through the herbs and rasayanas).

There are two ways of doing Kaiya Kalpa - for the indoor patients and the outdoor patients. Normally my son and I do Kaiya Kalpa for the outdoor patients.

Indoor patients - the principle is to make three cottages, one inside the other - one inside, another one outside, and a third one outside of that. Living in such a place, living exactly as to the rules, one can cross 100 years.

Because of destruction of a lot of vegetation, because of commercialization, a lot of herbs are being lost to mankind. There were certain herbs, as I have mentioned, needed for Kaiya Kalpa. If you get those herbs, and live a certain lifestyle, and this is the kind of house where you live, you can not only cross 100 years, but 200 or 300 years old.

Kaiya Kalpa (for the outdoor patients) is for people who are not staying in these three cottages, so I prescribe practices where they can live a very healthy and fulfilling life.

So there are five types of ages:
One is alpa ayu or short age - less than 50 years;
Between 50 and 70 years is madhya ayu, which means the middle ages;
From 70 to 85 is known as deergh ayu, or long living;
And from 85 to 100 they say is purna ayu, or complete living;

And thereafter if a person lives 10 or 20 years more, it is known as chir ayu or very long living. (A person you can still go and meet - he is a saint living in Muzafar district, not too far from Delhi, who is 127 years of age - absolutely healthy and living a very peaceful, blissful life).

Thereafter there is another age, called ayu, which is mostly for rishis and the great yogis, where you can live innumerable number of years. You can't even tell how many years old. They go on increasing their age through yogic kriyas.

The herb called soma - this is what a lot of rishis were looking for, and they went to the Himalayas - some found it there. But the others went following the Pole Star. Centuries ago they went to the country that is known as Norway today. So in Norway they found this herb called soma, is which near the North Pole).

TR: I have been very happy that you have come, and I really respect the feeling and warmth that you have and how much you really appreciate this knowledge.

RN: Thank you. It's such a great honor for us to be with you - somebody who has the highest possible level of knowledge of Maharishi Ayur-Veda and the Vedas. It's such a great honor for everyone. When you talk with Maharishi please convey how much we appreciate talking with you. Thank you, and Jai Guru Dev.

TR: Definitely Maharishi will be happy to hear that you have come to see me because Maharishi has given me the responsibility to spread Ayur-Veda, which I have done under his aegis. I have worked for the past 20 years, traveling three times a year, to spread the knowledge of Nature to all these countries. Through the Movement I have spread the knowledge of Ayur-Veda.

A lot of credit goes to Maharishi for the spread of Ayur-Veda in the world because through him a lot of consciousness about Ayur-Veda has been founded. Since Maharishi's basic aim was to spread the knowledge of the Vedas, and Ayur-Veda is a part of the Vedas (the Upa-Vedas). Therefore because of that, Ayur-Veda has been promoted, and my wish is coming true.

BS: Can you take the pulse of the world and tell us how the world is doing with this knowledge? Is there any intuition you might have?

TR: Nature, by its nature, is independent of anyone's control - me or anyone else. Therefore, it is wrong for me to talk like a prophet and say that tomorrow will be like this. I am a part of Nature and I have to live within the rules of Nature. If I try to jump out of it, that is not what I do. Nature is like a flowing river. If you flow with the river, you flow with ease. If you try to cut across or swim upstream, you either drown or it is very, very difficult.

Whatever Maharishi is doing, he is not attached to it. He has no attachment to what he is doing.

I want to relate to you a small instance with which I can explain this. There is one yogi that I met, I met on Sunday. When we met we didn't speak with one another for five or ten minutes.

There was a big storm that day. The yogi started walking with the storm, from where the storm was blowing. When the yogi was walking, his long hair, because of the immense & ...

[Here the tape ends. The remainder came from Sumeet Bali's memory on 4/16/01.]

wind blowing from behind him, starting falling in his eyes and he could not see. So he simply turned around and started walking into the wind, and his hair was pushed back and he was able to walk unhindered.

The moral of the story is that one should always be in tune with Nature. If one moves with Nature, one does not experience obstacles. Nature always has a positive side to it, which yogis have the ability and simplicity to realize. They, therefore, remain in bliss and are unmoved by what others think of as adversities.

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