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Cancer is a political problem more than it is a medical problem.

"In the 20th century, tobacco killed approximately 100 million people. It is sobering to realize that this is far more than the 60 million soldiers and civilians who died in World War II plus the 20 million who died in World War I. Tobacco is the single greatest health scourge of humanity." - Dr. Ralph Moss

Newsweek Hides Global Warming Denier's Financial Ties to Big Oil.
A recent Newsweek op-ed by global warming denier Richard Lindzen claims the meteorologist has no industry ties, but his bio is as misleading as his writing.

  "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent." - Abraham Lincoln

RTM: Newsweek infamy, pall bearer for Pall Mall 12.6.1   Dec 10 2001  page 11

Dec 6 2001  Hello Newsweek Editors,

Appropriately, another day that lives in infamy, along with 9.11.01, known for the deaths of less than 5,000 Americans by sudden, wanton, deliberate, planned violence-- well, 450,000 "excess" deaths from tobacco addiction amount to 1,233 a day , 8,630  a week,  4.5 million in a mere decade--  close enough to elicit the envy of Hitler's ghost, since the adroit conversion of hundreds of millions of lungs into personal gas chambers of highly motivated-- customers? consumers? addicted victims?  friends, family, children?-- surely vastly surpasses the most exalted visions of Nazi terrorism. Why, it's as American as apple pie, "Just Business," as the Mafia say...

So, three generations after Pearl Harbor, we find the pages of Newsweek laid wide open, having received the expensive insinuation of a successful corporate john, an icon rather laconically labeled  "B&W",  with the sacred incantations of our global corporate capitalistic concentration camp-- for the world is surely one-- one camp, and who are not inmates?-- "Now" "Free" "Tastes" "More" "Longer" -- yes, more puffs than Winston, 10.9 to 8.5 -- no, Goebbles never achieved such flair, such precision, such art in his persuasions. He was crude, callow, but you are the elite and the envy of the world-- I mean, our camp.

Hey, I've made my living 13 years as a home hospice care giver. Death isn't wrong, and it's not a defeat.  It is a frame for the peerless mystery of life. My issue is whether we are creating our lives as free expressions of the infinite source, or as crippled and helpless slaves. And those "top" 10% who choose to manipulate and exploit and abuse the 90 % are daily discarding their own opportunity for radical growth, service, wisdom, joy, and peace--"Thy brother asked ye for bread-- ye gave him stone," the Teacher said-- twenty centuries ago, a hothead, loudmouth reckless radical, who of course was awarded the prize that all martyrs mistakenly seek-- but, you hear? You have ears to hear? Don't you see, everyone on Earth is kith and kin? Do you want anyone to be exposed to the infamy of tobacco addiction, to the incredible lie that it can possibly be a normal, acceptable aspect of any healthy society, of any reputable business? The pathetic little box-- nothing but a legal certificate to justify keeping the con rolling, the modern day purchase of an indulgence-- SURGEON'S GENERAL WARNING-- Smoking by Pregnant Woman May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, and Low Birth Weight.-- doesn't alleviate you of facing your personal, individual responsibility as citizen souls of this single human race.

For smoking, with its potent nicotine and hundreds of arcane chemicals and carbon monoxide, must, must result in huge numbers of birth defects, including cognitive and emotional impairments, including susceptibility to other drugs, right in the mother's womb.  Do you, personally, choose to support that?  And, if you choose to walk on the other side of the road, passing by the moaning body in the ditch, then is your superior intelligence and education enough to help you possibly see some connection with the relative with lung cancer, the addicted teenage son, the daughter who bears a deformed infant, the smoke-filled rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, the multiple addictions of modern world society: alcohol, sugar, caffeine, cocaine, aspartame, MSG?

Question, please, how much cash did that ad earn?

Question, please, realistically, will you be free to really take action about this world curse, having accepted that handsome sum?-- "No man can serve two masters..."

I insist that you cease all ads for addictive poisons, and that you run a one-page, one-sided  article on each poison every month. Take a stand, and hold it-- just as you have over the decades with discrimination in all its multiple facets. Would you, for any amount of cash, run ads that attacked races or religions? Why run ads that attack the very biological and psychological integrity of our entire world family?

Yes, I want an answer, but don't send me any clever, pious PR claptrap. I want you to answer to your own conscience. Whether you live in infamy is your call, not mine.   "Everyone else does it." "It's not my concern."  "It's legal."  Free coupons to Auschwitz!

To your credit, a search on your site for "tobacco" gives a few largely critical articles, such as:

March 15, 2001   Newsweek
Capitol Letter: Buying Influence    Bill Turque
Anyone who thinks that the debate over campaign-finance reform, which will return to the Senate floor next week, is a piece of policy esoterica with little relevance to their lives ought to take a look at "Buying Influence, Selling Death," a new study of tobacco-industry money and its pernicious influence on our politics. The report, co commissioned by Common Cause and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, documents how the torrents of money flowing from corporate giants like Philip Morris...

Your brother,  Rich Murray  Room For All
1943 Otowi Road   Santa Fe  New Mexico  87505  505-986-9103
RTM: aspartame toxicity: recent research 11.23.1 rmforall

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