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VoteFraud Investigation

Check items you wish to order and then total at end; if you want more than one copy, write in the number of copies you want instead of making a check mark. (All items include Postage; Call 513-389-7700 and ask for Department 7 for bulk orders not specified)

Although we prefer you would order these materials from this web page, you may also call the number listed above. 
PLEASE ask for Department 7 when you do.

____;VoteScam: The Stealing of America
by Jim & Ken Collier, 394 pp


____;Relevance Magazine, November 1996 blockbuster
issue on Votefraud documenting hidden modems in
computers and much, much more; best single report done to date


____;Bumper Sticker: Stop Computer Vote Fraud -
Restore Paper Ballots!
-------one only 


____;Bumper Sticker: Stop Computer Vote Fraud -
Restore Paper Ballots!
---- 2 -100  cost: 


____;Bumper Sticker: Stop Computer Vote Fraud -
Restore Paper Ballots!
---over 100 cost


















1996 CNS VoteFraud Investigation Packet (Entire) - contains:

1st item: Help Break the Cover-Up  4 Page Newspaper

  1. on VoteFraud perpetrated against Buchanan in Dubuque, Iowa by Voter News Service

  2. with details on Arizona and general overview of 1996 GOP primaries

  3. exposes Voter News Service, the exit polling arm of all four networks, and how Election Night "competition" between the big networks has been a hoax since 1976

2nd item: Greatest Cover-up of All  (Intro & General Principles on VoteFraud investigation), 4 pages

3rd item: CNS 1996 newsletters: Sept, October, November, and December, 1996 (includes the blockbuster info on hidden modems in vote counting computers); see below for further explanations

4th item: Will You Become Our County Contact as a Citizen Votefraud Investigator in Your County? Step by Step Instructions  (We need a network of contacts now!)

 5th item: audio cassette (60 min) of Tom Valentine Show March 8, 1996 - the beginning of the Radio Rebellion against Network Censorship on VNS and Computerized Votefraud

 6th item: audio cassette (60 min) of the History of Computer Votefraud Investigation - an address by Jim Condit Jr. in May, 1996 in Berlin, New Jersey ------------------------Entire Packet: 

















$ 15.00


1996 CNS VoteFraud Investigation Packet, By Individual Items:

 ------------------------------------------------------Printed Matter only, --no cassettes: 
 --------------------------------Cassettes only,-
no printed matter: 

$  7.00


____;Master Copy, Greatest Cover-up of All: VoteFraud in America
(Intro & Gen. Prin.)---

$  1.00

 Master Copy, August 1996 Help Break the Cover-Up (4 page newspaper on votefraud against Buchanan in Dubuque, Iowa by VNS as well as other important information on Bob Dole's suspicious "landslide victories" in the 1996 GOP primaries and much more ----------

$ 1.00

Master Copy, September, 1996 CNS Newsletter (Script and
storyboard pictures of VoteFraud commercial that ran on San Diego radio and TV during the 1996 GOP National Convention in San Diego, California; Presidential candidate explains votefraud dangers to nation over C-Span; Network of Citizens Investigators being compiled on internet; 1996 Presidential Debate Hoax)-------------------------------------

$ 1.00

Master Copy, October, 1996 CNS Newsletter (Chronicles Magazine carries VoteFraud article; We made Popular Science Magazine!; Votefraud radio commercials air in 38 states right before the 1996 Presidential Election; New American magazine tries to play down VoteFraud dangers; local groups on the move) ----------------------------------------------------------

$ 1.00

Master Copy, November 1996 CNS Newsletter (Cong. Robert Dornan (R-CA) and State Sen. Woody Jenkins (R-LA) struggle against votefraud after 1996 election; startling admission of Registrar of Voters in Orange County; Jenkins documents massive votefraud;  Koppel forced to deal with votefraud on Nov. 1, 1996 edition of Nightline and tries a whitewash; Rush Limbaugh states that Voter News Service is exit polling arm of all 4 Big TV networks; Jack Anderson column runs nationally the week after the Nov. 96 election------------------------------------

$  1.00


 Master Copy, December, 1996 CNS Newsletter (Dr. Phil O'Halloran and Relevance magazine document that there are hidden two-way modems in thousands of voting computers; Bay Buchanan notes on CNBC's Equal Time that Millions believe in Votefraud; published election results Dole won more counties than Clinton in 1996; Votefraud bumper stickers available; James P. Hoffa speaks out against vote shenanigans in Teamsters elections; more on the Dornan and Jenkins votefraud battles; 60,000 protesters take to street in Belgrade (old Yugoslavia) to protest brazen votefraud; and more ---------------------------------------------

$   1.00

____;Bulk Copies, Help Break the Cover-up 4 page Newspapers (descript. above)----10 Copies 

$   5.00

____;Bulk Copies, Help Break the Cover-up 4 page Newspapers (descript. above)---100 Copies 

$ 12.00

____;Bulk Copies, Help Break the Cover-up 4 page Newspapers (descript. above)--1000 Copies 

$ 60.00

____;Towards Restoring Honest Elections: Step by Step: What To Do On Election Day In your County With Regard to the Nationwide Votefraud Investigation ----------(6 pgs)

$   2.00

____;Will You Become Our County Contact as a Citizen Votefraud Investigator in Your County? Step by Step Instructions  (We need a network of contacts now!) 

$   1.00

Roy Saltman Report: Accuracy in Elections, 128 pp, Dept of Commerce report on the state of riggable elections in 1988, excellent overview ------------------------------------------------ 

$ 30.00

Dangers of Computerized Voting by Ronnie Dugger, New Yorker Magazine
, November 7, 1988, unavailable for sale ----------------------Get at Your Local Library


 We highly recommend that you duplicate any of our CNS materials on your own and send them to public officials, media people, pastors, influential leaders, businessmen, opinion molders, and concerned citizens in your area or your circle of influence. We are fighting the ruthless blackout on the votefraud issue being perpetrated by the owners of the Big Media. America must not fall via silent computer votefraud.

(Everything above may be duplicated except the Votescam: The Stealing of America book, the Relevance magazine issue, and the New Yorker magazine article by Ronnie Dugger, which are copyrighted materials.)


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Cincinnati, Oh 45211

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Please Copy This Catalog and Pass it on to Other Concerned Citizens

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