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Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:41 AM
Subject: Fw: Study about Hulda Clark's Zapper successful!!

Hello Stephen
I thought you might find the research from Washington interesting.
ps I wondered if a combination of zapping and the Rath formula would be a step forward.

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Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2002 9:11 PM
Subject: Study about Hulda Clark's Zapper successful!!

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Dear Guest of!
by David P. Amrein

I can't quite conceal my excitement about the news I can present you today.
For the first time a university study confirms what Dr. Hulda Clark has been saying. Read on.

In this issue:
1. University of Washington Says Dr. Clark Research Association Zapper is Effective Against Cancer Cells
2. Dr. Clark's Frequency Table Now Online
3. More on MiniFG
4. Bulletin Back Issues Now Available
5. Charlie Brown Reports on Successes From the Health Freedom Movement
6. Testimonials

1. University of Washington Says Dr. Clark Research Association Zapper is Effective Against Cancer Cells

Dr. Clark Research Association asked Prof. Henry Lai from the University of Washington in Seattle to find out whether the zapper had any effect on cancer cells in the lab. The research work took six months and a considerable amount of wherewithal, but now it is confirmed that the zapper selectively kills cancer cells. Read Prof. Lai's summary here:

What does it mean that it selectively kills cancer cells? That means that healthy cells are not affected while cancer cells are killed. The research showed that in the lab culture after 24 hours there were 42% less cancer cells than without the zapper.

"To be quite frank when I started the research project I expected that the zapper would do nothing", said Prof. Lai. But when he saw how effective the minimal zapper current was on the cancer cell cultures, he stated, "now we must find the mechanism how the cancer cells are killed. If we can do that then I think we can improve the treatment and make it more effective. If we can reduce cancer cells by 42%, we should be able to reduce them by 100%."

Prof. Lai also tested the effect of the zapper on bacteria cultures in vitro but could not yet show an effect. More tests will have to be done to find how the zapper effects pathogens in the human body. However another test was done using the Clark frequency from Dr. Clark's frequency table on cultured bacteria. The treated culture reduced significantly in number. However, the temperature could not be sufficiently controlled in this experiment, so it will have to be redone. But Dr. Lai said that "despite the fact that the number of bacteria was the same in both cultures after two hours, the rate of apoptosis [programmed cell death] was four times higher in the bacteria culture  that was zapped."

So this is exciting news and a lot more research lies ahead.

Remember we can finance this kind of work only with your help. When you purchase products from us or make donations, the money will go towards this kind of research.

For contributions go here:

2. Dr. Clark's Frequency Table Now Online

Dr. Clark in her book "The Cure for All Diseases" has a table with frequencies of a large number of pathogens. These are the frequencies she determined in her early work with the frequency generator and that is now going through a renaissance since the latest book, the Syncrometer Science Lab Manual, has been published.

The first half of the table is now online:

The rest of it will be added within the next few weeks.

3. More on MiniFG

The demand for MiniFG ( has been huge but so have the questions about it and how to use it. I have put together a few documents that will help you understand. Please understand that for legal reasons we can't say all about it that we would like to. But you can draw your own conclusions.

Those ordering MiniFG now, please be aware that we are waiting for resupplies of MiniFG. The manufacturer will deliver them on September 22nd and we will then fill all the back orders.

The latest FAQ on MiniFG that I have been updating is here:

Those who already have MiniFG got it with a quick reference that has been significantly expanded:

To order MiniFG go to

4. Bulletin Back Issues Now Available

The Dr. Clark Research Association Bulletin has been around since 1998 and there are 13 back issues. Volume 5 Issue 3 is coming out soon.

Now, we have a great new photocopier. You will wonder why you should care.

It allows us to copy all documents we frequently need onto a hard disk on the copier and so we can just call them at any time. And that makes it possible for us to deliver all back issues of the Dr. Clark Research Association Bulletin. You can find the contents of all past newsletters here:

If you want to buy one just send an email telling us which issue you need. We charge $10 for each back issue and $5 shipping and handling. The proceeds go towards further research projects.

Please note that in the first two Bulletins there is one article each which has to be censored for legal reasons.

5. Charlie Brown Reports on Successes From the Health Freedom Movement

He's a clown, that Charlie Brown .. that is how the song goes. But it looks like this summer Health Freedom attorney Charlie Brown made the enemies of Health Freedom look like clowns. Find 10 wins from the past couple of months in this document:

6. Testimonials

As usual, find a few recent testimonials at the end of this memo. Thank you to the testimonial writers. And don't forget: If you were successful with Dr. Clark's approach, we always love to hear about it! It makes our day and keeps us motivated, and it will motivate other people with the same problems also.

Notice: These testimonials are reproduced verbatim as received from the originators; except for correction of typos or shortening where needed. These testimonials do not imply that the results achieved will be achieved in every case or that these are typical results.

Have a good weekend!
Sincerely Yours
David P. Amrein


"Dr. Clark,
I have tried your gallbladder flush and it works. I opted for your remedy and a coworker opted for surgery. She ended up with an infected incision after the surgery and an additional two months of medical expenses. I spent less than $10 using your remedy and I'm fine and it has been 3-years. I have passed the gallbladders flush on to several others.


"Recently, I have received some good news. A person with AIDS is following my therapy (liver cleanse, anti-parasites, B2, kidney cleanse, etc.). After 10 liver cleanses, his viral load has dropped from 1,800,000 to 273,000. The impressive thing in that report is that his viral load has never dropped under 1,800,000 in 10 years even with all the medication, including the triple therapy. We now think that the liver cleanses have given these results."

"[There were] health factors which I endured for along, long time; until I stumbled into a health food store. I walked over to the health book section. As I was looking over them; one of the books seemed to jump out at me. So I decided to have a look to see why my connection to this book was so strong..

As l started to read, a lot more of the problems which I had been struggling for so long with, started to come together. I ended up purchasing your book "The Cure for All Diseases". I found myself encouraged beyond control, while reading this book.

I had made up my mind, to sample some of your products. Keeping in mind that each and every Dr. had pretty much told me, that what I was feeling in side my body, how I was feeling all around or why I was having these problems, was nothing to worry about, and to stop being so stressed. It seemed that each Dr. that I had talked to either had no idea why I was experiencing bad health, or they merely brushed me off by stating everything was all in my head.

Well after reading your book of wisdom I was finally was convinced that what I had been experiencing was clearly caused through infection of larvae; of which kinds of larva, I did not know.

After trying Dr. Clark's parasite kit for one week I found myself not so bloated, my bowel movements had become more regular. My nose was still dripping though after the one week of trying out these herbs. I also was still very sensitive to any kind of perfumes and chemicals. Not to mention many other symptoms. But by golly this was a start. At this point I knew I had stumbled onto something awesome and wonderful.

I decided to purchase the whole kit. I went on the worming program for at least 6 months... and I tell you, it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

I lost all the weight which I had been trying so very hard to lose, over the many years that I was feeling so sick. I made a point in going to the gym three times a week. In all that time of working out, I could never loose a certain area of fat.  With in a matter of 2 1/2  to 3 months, all the weight which needed to drop off did. All the acne I had had disappeared. No more sleepless nights. No more allergies, no more headaches, no more drippy nose,  no more unnecessary mood swings, no more aches and pains and there are many more symptoms which I have not mentioned here, that also disappeared, once taking Hulda Clark's remedies.

I am so happy that I decided to check out the health food store that day, long ago. Your research and studies have brought back hope into some who truly understand the concept of larva and their ways of destroying the body from the inside out. This testimony is every bit true, as I too was a victim to the larva's venom. I would think with every letter and every e-mail from all around and from her customers, would surely bring satisfaction regarding her research. To know each and every day that passes. Her will to help out and share her findings is greatly appreciated, by all that either know of her or have stumbled upon her. Yours sincerely, DM"
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